Vote Yes on Article 38

At Town Meeting, vote YES on ARTICLE 38, Concord’s Bottled Water Bylaw

For a cleaner and more sustainable Concord and a better world!


Here are 7 great reasons why…

1.     Bottled water is a big problem for Concord and the world. Water is extracted from watersheds far away, shipped to bottling plants, placed in oil-based plastic bottles, and shipped again to Concord – adding to air pollution and climate change and wasting resources.  A poorly-regulated product, it is sold in our stores at fifteen-hundred times the price of our well-regulated tap water. Most plastic water bottles are then thrown out, adding to waste disposal costs and land and waterway pollution.

2.     Bottled water doesn't fit with our community values. As a well-educated community that takes the broader view and cares about the impact of today's choices, we are not misled by clever marketing. Nor are we willing to put convenience ahead of concern about the consequences of bottled water.  So we will continue to resist corporate scare tactics and misinformation designed to influence our views.

3.     There are many alternatives to single-serve bottled water in Concord. Concord’s well-regulated tap water is readily available in all homes, businesses, and public buildings, at 11 public water fountains, and at all restaurants. And alternatives such as reusable bottles and filters for tap water are easy to find. 

4.     A bylaw is the best way to address the bottled water problem in Concord. Voluntary resolutions and education campaigns such as those called for by Article 39 are excellent for building public support for change, but meaningful change comes only from bylaws with teeth, such as Article 38!  

5.     The proposed bylaw is reasonable and manageable. It prohibits the sale of plain drinking water in single-serve plastic bottles only, not all bottled water. An inexpensive spot-check of retailers is required twice a year. The bylaw is suspended if there is an emergency. And the bylaw allows our Selectmen to protect the town if there are unexpected costs.

6.     Concord will see many benefits from the bylaw. Lower waste disposal costs, less pollution of town land and waterways, more enjoyment of historic and natural areas by citizens and visitors, increased sales of alternative products — and passing the bylaw could encourage support for an expanded Bottle Bill in Massachusetts, further increasing the benefits to Concord. 

7.  The positive impact of passing Article 38 will spread beyond Concord. By passing this bylaw, the first of its kind in the nation, Concord will demonstrate its commitment to public water, make a stand for reducing the Town’s waste, and take action for the sustainable use of resources. Its passage will be reported worldwide, will guide and inspire actions elsewhere, and could reduce industry resistance to stronger federal regulation and expanded bottle bills in states across the country.


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