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Lots of Blokes Have Little Idea About how To Seduce Women

Some men have no idea on how to attract women. It is not a great thing to behold but trust me, it sure is a situation that can be reversed. On we have seen this many times in the past. There are guys who think that the only method to attract girls is by money, looks, and fame - it is bad reasoning. In my experience, I have friends that have none of those things, but still understand how to pull women and ultimately generate a long lasting connection. Read More »

Tips About How to Attract Girls

Documentary Showing of Nicotine Bees

Nicotine Bees: documentary showing Read More »

Save thousands on solar by collective bargaining

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A Green Voice for Concord

This website is meant for the residents and businesses of Concord to not only share ideas about conservation but also voice their opinions about environmental issues.

Concord, home of arguably the most well known environmentalist this country has known, deserves a forum for eco-minded individuals to speak their mind.

We encourage you to post topics important to you as well as encourage others to participate in this forum. Henry would, why not you?

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Why Conserve?

"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


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