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Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds wants you to volunteer for: Super-Volunteer and/or Eviscerator extra-ordinaire!

Have you ever processed poultry? If so-WE WANT YOU! Five times during the growing season we process chickens on the farm using the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit. For years we have relied on volunteers to help get the job done. For 2012 we are seeking from experienced eviscerators to help speed up the process and to help mentor volunteers. 

The work would entail as many as five (5) processing days during the Spring/Summer and Fall. See their calendar for exact dates here. All processing occur on Saturdays from 6:30am - 6:00pm, approximately. Lunch is provided. 

We are seeking folks who have processed poultry at lease 3-4 times in large amounts and are extremely confident of their skills, speed, efficiency and quality. Folks should be detailed oriented, enjoy hard work in a fast-paced enviornment, have excellent hygiene, work well with others, and have a good sense of humor! 

Depending on skills level we'll be offereing modest compensation for your time - in the form of BBirds voucher for free tasty meat from our freezers OR cash if you are an experienced eviscerator. 

Email Pete and Jen at: if you are interested. 

Click here to learn more about Pete and Jen's Backyard birds at:


First Root Farm is looking for volunteers! 

Community Work Days: Third Saturday of every month, 10:00am-2:00pm 


-On the third Saturday of every month, First Root holds a community workday. We invite you-our friends, family, neighbors, CSA members, and farm supporters-to spend some time getting to know the farm. Whether you're an avid home gardnener or completely new to farming, it's a great opportunity to have some fun, get your hands dirty, and share a delicious, farm-fresh meal. All ages are welcome; we only ask that you come with enthusiasm, willing to work hard and try new things, and that you bring a dish to share at our lunch potluck. 

We'll start the day with a brief tour and introduction to the farm. After that we'll work for 2-3 hours. The work depends on the season and the weather. We might dig and prepare beds, hand weed and hoe, transplant, harvest, or, on a rainy day in Octobe, clean onions in the barn. At around noon, we'll break for a potlock lunch, accompanied by some treats from the farm. 

Community work days are a time for us to get to know each other and the farm. Feel free to drop by for an hour or two if you can't come the whole day. We'll work rain or shine, so dress for the weather. Children are welcome. 


Regular Volunteer Hours: Wednesday and Saturdays, 8:30am-12:00pm

May 2st-October 6th

Join us on the farm on Wednesday and Saturday morning for our regular volunteer hours. This is an opportunity for you to experience a taste of farm life and a chance for us to get some extra hands on those weeks and garden forks! No experience is reqired. Just come prepared to work hard and have a blast. There's no need to RSVP; simply show up and look for us at the Carty Barn. 

Likely work includes, but is certainly not limited to: turning and preparing beds, weeding of all kinds, transplanting, spreading compost, managing the compost pile, odd farm jobs (hauling things around, moving chickens, repairing fencing), and harvesting. 

Things to Know: work on the far goes on rain or shine. Please come dressed for the weather. Bring plenty of water, appropriate clothes (thick layers), sunscreen, work gloves if you'd like them, and sturdy shoes. 

Although we love children on the farm, please understand that volunteer hours are a part of our regular farm workday. First Root Farm is a pressure-free environment. Everyone works at their own pace and in their own way. We encourage questions, laughing, and lots of singing. However, volunteer hours are desgined as a time for folks excited about farming to get down and do some work. We cannot provide childcare. Please consider bringing children and friends to our monthly community workdays instead. We encourage you to bring your own lunch and eat with us at the end of each morning. 


The First Root Family

Members of the First Root Family are folks who have received skills training from First Root Farm and/or outside sources. There volunteers have some independence, and occasionally take on special projects. Volunteers with a regularly scheduled commitment to a specialized area, farm sitters and on-call volunteers all fall under this category. Examples invlude weekly weeders, weekend milkers and chicken chore volunteers. 

First Root wouldn't exist without our constantly growing family. These are the folks who volunteer to take on chores under unexpected circumstances, lend us their carpentry expertise to help us build a chicken coop, and make First Root a part of their daily lives. 

If you think you're destined to become part of the first Root Family-if you have a skill you'd like to share, you'd like indepth training to become a regular milker, or you'd like to make volunteering at First Root a part of your regular routine, email the farm at:

To learn more about the First Root Farm and the opportunities, farmers and recipes. Vist their website at:

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