CMLP Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rebates for Businesses 2011

Concord Municipal Light Plant

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rebates and Services for Businesses 

Commercial Energy Audits

Interested in reducing your energy use, but not sure of the best energy efficiency investments for your business? While funds last, Concord Light will pay half the cost of an energy audit for your business.

A trained energy auditor will identify measures that will save you money, along with the expected cost of installing each measure, the annual energy cost savings you can anticipate, and the number of months or years until the savings pay for your investment. Knowing the payback period for each measure will help you prioritize your investments in energy efficiency.

Contact Lon Issacson at ECHO, Concord Light's energy audit contractor, at 203-640-4101 to inquire about an energy audit. Lon will provide you and Concord Light with a quote for completing the energy audit. Once you and Concord Light have approved expenditures of one-half of the cost of the audit, ECHO will go to work identifying the options for reducing your energy consumption. 

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Rebate

CMLP will credit your account up to $3 (or price of bulb if less than $3) when you buy a compact fluorescent screw-in bulb or exit sign retrofit kit. Commercial customers may receive rebates for up to sixty bulbs or exit signs.  

Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting Rebate

Businesses planning a more extensive upgrade to energy efficient lighting can apply for $300 for every kW reduction in electricity demand attributable to the lighting upgrade. There will be a rebate cap of $3,000 per customer per year. Qualified lamps, fixtures, ballasts and controls are all eligible under this program.  Get started by developing a scope of work with your vendor. Then, complete a rebate application. Applications must be approved by Concord Light before work begins in order to qualify for a rebate.  

ENERGY STAR-Rated Appliance Rebate

Concord businesses and residential property developers and managers that purchase energy efficient appliances will be offered rebates to offset the typically slightly higher price for qualified appliances. This rebate is capped at $2,000 per customer per year. Eligible ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, along with the rebates offered, include: 

* Refrigerators/Freezers - $100

* Energy Efficient Washing Machines - $50

* Room Air Conditioners - $50

* Dishwashers - $50

* Dehumidifiers - $50 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Rebate

For solar PV installations, Concord Light offers a rebate of $625 per kW of installed rated capacity, capped at $3,125.   

Additional information and rebate application forms for all programs can be found at For more resources, check out the “Energy Resources for Businesses” link at this webpage.  

For more information on audit or rebate programs, contact Jan Aceti, Energy Conservation Coordinator at the Concord Municipal Light Plant: or 978-318-3151.    

The Other Demand Resources (ODR) Program for Large or Energy-Intensive Businesses 

The Independent System Operator (ISO) New England, the regional entity that operates the electricity grid in New England, offers revenues to businesses that reduce or shift their electricity demand by at least 50kW. Efficiency projects can earn revenues for the life of the project - up to ten years. Qualifying efficiency projects can include energy efficient lighting, chillers, motors, heat pumps and HVAC replacements. Cogeneration, renewable energy and load management systems are also eligible. The revenue potential from ODR projects is $3.33/kW-month through May 31, 2011. The program is expected to continue beyond that date, although the revenue potential may increase or decrease.  

For more information on the Other Demand Response Program, contact Carole Hilton, Customer Service Administrator at the Concord Municipal Light Plant: or 978-318-3158

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