The average Concord household has a lifestyle that uses up so much of the Earth’s resources, that it would take about 4 Earths to sustain all the humans on the planet if we all lived as we do in Concord. From the gas used in trucks to transport food to our supermarkets, to the electronics and aluminum we throw away instead of recycling, there are many ways in which we can alter our life to be more environmentally friendly. The ConcordConserve’s calculator will start you off with a base foot print (how much carbon dioxide you personally put into the atmosphere each year) and then give you many suggestions on how to lower your personal carbon impact. Join the Concord community and help the environment by lowering the amount of carbon you put in the atmosphere!

How it Works

  1. Register: Create an easily remembered username and password. Ask your teacher if there is a certain username and password you should use.
  2. Calculate: Ask your parents for the past year’s electric and gas bills. There you can find your total expenditure. Fill in the answers to the questions. Make sure you are not entering the monthly consumption, or your footprint will not be accurate. Select Calculate button at bottom of page after entering all selections.
  3. Compare: Take a look at your footprint, is it higher or lower than your peers? Why do you think that is?
  4. Reduce: Take action and reduce your footprint by choosing the steps that you will take to lead a more environmentally friendly life style, and watch as your footprint goes down! Return at regular intervals to see the extent of your actions at work.
  5. Compete: Go to the Compete tab and create a group. For example, “Mr. Haas’ Earth Science” and everyone from Mr. Haas’ Earth Science classes signs up joins this group. All the other Earth Science classes in your grade can also create their own groups. How did your group do after you calculated your footprint? See how much you can reduce your footprint. Challenge yourselves! Can you eat vegetarian for 4 days a week? Have you eaten locally grown food for two days? Does your class recycle all glass and plastic and cans? Incorporate these changes into your daily life to reduce your footprint. The group that reduces the most wins a prize. What happens if your class wins?

    If you have any questions or would like to offer suggestions please e-mail us or give us a call at 978.369.2472.

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