Bottled Water Free Campuses

Article 38:  Drinking Water in Single-Serving PET Bottles Bylaw

Bottled Water-Free Campuses per Corporate Accountability International (CAI)



Colleges and Universities that have made administrative commitments to ending the sale of bottled water on their campuses as of April 5th, 2011


University                                                                         Approximate Date of Action

Brown University                                                             December 31st, 2009

University of San Francisco                                                 May 21st, 2010

University of Portland                                                 April 10th, 2010

University of Seattle                                                             September 30th, 2010

Depauw University                                                             June 1st, 2010

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point                         July 5th, 2010

Marymount Manhattan College                                     March 1st 2010

Muhlenberg College*                                                             February 1st, 2010

Washington University in St. Louis                                     January 1st, 2009

Brandeis University                                                             January 1st, 2011


* Muhlenberg College passed a student resolution that resolution excludes

bottled water from the student meal plan but allows a person to purchase the

water using cash, credit, or dining or flex dollars. This resulted in a 95%

decrease of bottled water sales on campus


In Process

Massachusetts Colleges and Universities that currently have movements to end the sale of bottled water on campus and are working with CAI:


Emerson College

Northeastern University

Stonehill College

Suffolk University

Tufts University








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