Natural Gas Heating Rebates 2014

Rebates are offered by National Grid for installing a natural gas heating system. For more info and the rebate forms, see here for water heaters and here for boilers and furnaces.


Bamboo is a gorgeous, durable and renewable resource that has developed into the most eco friendly banner stand on the market. The graphic is printed beautifully on biodegradable cotton, and it comes in a durable carrying case.

Local Food

There are many reasons to buy local food, including reducing energy use, reducing sprawl and increasing connection to the environment as well as fresh food just plain tastes better.

Concord residents have many ways to participate and support the local food movement, including: Read More »

Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program: Energy Delivery - Solar Thermal

"Commonwealth Solar The Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program and the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus Rebate Program provide rebates through a non-competitive application process for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) projects. Read More »

Personal Tax Credit: Renewable Energy State

"This statute, enacted in 1979, provides a 15% credit against the state income tax for the cost of a renewable-energy system (including installation) installed on an individual’s primary residence." -DSIRE site

Click Personal Tax Creditfor more information.

Water Filtration Guide: why bottled water is not green

Try installing a water purification system instead of purchasing bottled water.

Comparisons of water filtering systems:

Learn more about why tap water is better than bottled:

Clothing: List of Green Apparel Designers

Buy environmentally conscious clothes. See a list of some of the most forward thinking designers at

Gardening: Community Gardens

Concord has two community gardens; one is located in West Concord and the other near Concord Center. Town residents are eligible to rent 25 x 30 plots on an annual basis. Contact Community Garden Coordinators Pamela Hathaway ( or Jim Catterton ( for more information.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

Fax and laser cartridge recycling places in Massachusetts.

There is one in Roxbury as well as others.

Chiswick Trading, Inc. (office supplies)
33 Union Avenue - Sudbury, MA 01776-2267
phone: (800) 225-8708 - fax: (800) 638-9899

Staples, Inc. (office supplies)
8 Technology Drive - P.O. Box 5173 - Westborough, MA 01581
phone: (800) 333-3330 - fax: (800) 333-3199

Trade Shows

Instead of purchasing a new trade show booth try a re-usable trade show production service from companies such as SecondLife Exhibits

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Why Conserve?

"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


Act local, think global. Help support Concord and local environmental programs.

Concord Conserves
152 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, MA 01742 USA
1 (978) 369-2472

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